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Hatch Gloves
Engineered for the Toughest Jobs

As the exclusive UK distributor of Hatch products, Niton999 brings you the best in tactical hand protection.

Designed for tactical operations, Hatch Gloves offers unparalleled durability and comfort, ensuring your safety in the field.

Police officer putting on hatch gloves
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the exclusive distributor of
Hatch products in the UK

Frequently, equipment manufactured for broad applications overlooks the unique requirements of law enforcement personnel. The professed features, instead of aiding, often obstruct the officers in their duty, acting counterproductive to their objectives. Acknowledging this, Hatch® concentrates on the creation of gloves, bags, and gear that leverage cutting-edge technology and premium materials. The goal? To amplify the officer's capacity to safeguard and serve.

Hatch Bags:
Redefining the Norms of Travel Accessories

Hatch Knee & Elbow Pads:
Where Safety Meets Comfort

Hatch Knee pads
Police Carrying a hatch patrol Bag
Police Carrying a hatch patrol Bag

Why Everyone Loves
Hatch Street Guard Gloves with Kevlar

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"The gloves are very light weight, but appear to be tough with it. It's early days to say how long they will last, but the grip is great and I've tested a mild attack on them with a large kitchen knife. The blade doesn't mark them...."

Mission's Trusted Partner

Since 1967, the Hatch® name has been synonymous with the very finest in protective performance gloves for the law enforcement , tactical, military, medical and industrial safety markets.

The Hatch is the most extensive in the industry, offering advanced designs for
cut-resistance, cold weather, hard knuckle protection, and much more. We use only the finest leathers, along with synthetic and high-tech materials to ensure that our protective gear performs to the world's most uncompromising standards.

Firearms officer with hatch gloves on

In the Line of Duty:
Hatch's Unbeatable Tactical Gloves

Often, universal gear fails to consider the unique demands of law enforcement professionals, with so-called features becoming obstacles.

Hatch®, however, designs gloves, bags, and gear with cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials, enhancing an officer's ability to serve and protect.

This isn't just about better gear, it's about empowering our officers to protect and serve more effectively, efficiently, and confidently.

Cut Resistance Gloves icon

Cut Resistance Gloves

The Friskmaster MAX gloves are designed with an exceptional
ANSI Cut Resistance A9,
representing the pinnacle in cut resistance ratings. This high standard is not exclusive to Friskmaster MAX, as numerous other Hatch gloves also boast impressive Cut Resistance ratings.

Flame Resistant Gloves icon

Flame Resistant Gloves

NOMEX® fabric, which is renowned for its ability to endure flames, can withstand temperatures of as much as 427°C. The strength & protection of gloves like the Hatch Street Guard Fire Resistant Glove & Hatch Fire Resistant Mechanic's Glove are improved by the prominent use of this durable material.

Needlestick Puncture Resistance Gloves

Needlestick Puncture Resistance Gloves

The Friskmaster MAX gloves proudly boast a Level 5 ANSI Needlestick Puncture Resistance, demonstrating the pinnacle of protection as per NIJ's stringent standards.

Touchscreen Gloves Icon

Touchscreen Gloves

Hatch's glove range, including the Hatch Friskmaster Max, seamlessly interacts with touchscreen devices, marrying comfort, protection, and tech-savvy design. The Friskmaster Max also available in grey.

From Risk to Resilience:
Transforming Team Safety with Hatch Gloves

From Tactical to Patrol:
Navigating the Landscape of Professional Gloves

Hatch Patrol & Search Gloves:
Combining Comfort, Durability, and Protection

Hatch's Patrol and Search gloves are meticulously engineered to offer the perfect balance between touch sensitivity and hand dexterity, making them ideal for patrols and searches.

Crafted from resilient materials, these gloves offer a thin layer of protection, safeguarding the skin while maintaining tactile perception.

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Police wearing patrol glove on duty

Hatch Cut Resistances Gloves:
Your Shield Against Sharp Hazards

Dive into the world of Hatch Cut Resistance Gloves, your ultimate defense against sharp hazards. Experience an unmatched level of safety, coupled with outstanding comfort and grip.

Every pair serves as a testament to Hatch's innovative technology, providing unrivaled hand protection. Don't just safeguard your hands, invest in the best.

Explore the Hatch Cut Resistance Gloves category now, and experience the epitome of protective innovation!

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hypodermic needle puncture resistance Gloves

Hatch Tactical & Shooting Gloves:
Bridging the Gap Between Comfort and Precision

Unleash precision with our Hatch Tactical and Shooting Gloves, expertly designed for firearms officers. Experience superior grip, exceptional flexibility, and enhanced dexterity.

These gloves aren't just accessories, they're your partners in performance. Dive in, explore the collection, and elevate your efficiency. Your perfect pair awaits!

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Police wearing hatch glove
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